We're back! Thank you for your interest in Reframe Provisions! We are so excited to share our amazingly delicious products with you! - The Reframe Provisions Team

Our products support the gut health you want.

Your gut health is foundational to your overall health. The friendly bacteria in your digestive tract help with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, stabilize insulin levels, increase energy, and boost your immune system. They are even responsible for the types of cravings you have. Raw fermented foods feed the healthiest types, which means no more sugar cravings! Our products are organic, gluten & sugar free, non-GMO, cold-brined, thick-cut, made with love, and chock-full of live probiotics. Nutritionist crafted to support, sustain, and revitalize your health, from the inside out. Shop our krauts, kimchi, pickled red onions, and pickled egg flavors below.

Support your digestion. Feel great!

Always organic, raw, fermented, and delicious!

We carefully craft our products to support your health, one bite at a time.

Raw Fermented
Never cooked (except the eggs). Full of the wholesome, unadulterated nutrition nature intended.
Organically sourced. No chemicals. No unpronounceable, mystery ingredient. Ever. Hard stop.
Tummy love
Millions of live probiotics. Gut health in a jar.

Happy Tummies for Everyone

(Including you!)

Stinkin' good (for you)!

Embrace raw ferments, the food group your body is craving.

Too hard to choose...?

We understand. Our 'Give Me All The Funk" kraut tasting pack was made for these moments. Enjoy each of our 4 kraut flavors and FREE SHIPPING!

Who we are

So many of us suffer from digestion issues these days, chronic conditions that come and go depending on our level of health. What if we could eat food that would never ever worsen how we feel and could even help improve our health? Reframe Provisions was founded on the belief that every tummy could be a happy tummy. We set out to bring products to market that would contribute to happy tummies all around. Products we would want to serve our families and friends. Products that would contribute to our own improved health. We know that raw ferments are the most beneficial foods we could ever put into our bodies. Leveraging backgrounds in nutrition, years of biohacking, and a love of all things delicious, we developed our raw ferments with three principles in mind: 1) Ingredients you never have to wonder about: organic and recognizable. We source local, organic, and sustainable. No mystery fillers here. 2) Flavor profiles that leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. 3) Healthy gut support. We believe everyone should feel good, not only about what they eat, but after they eat it. With probiotics galore, our simple fermented ingredients will satisfy cravings and reduce inflammation, leading to happy tummies for everyone. We are a family-owned, passionate, food-loving organization, dedicated to ensuring our customers have options to support the way they live. The health of our families and communities are at the very top of our priority list and our products make it easy to support your overall wellness at every meal. To your health, Kindra, Ken & Shawna